President of CSRAA

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Katarina Sakic, MD, PhD, studied at the School of Medicine of the University of Zagreb, where she got her diploma 1972. The education of Anesthesiology and Intensive care took place in Slovenia and ended in Zagreb where she got her specialist degree. She is full professor of Anaesthesiology, Reanimathology and Intensive Medicine at the School of Medicine in the University of Zagreb and Osijek, Croatia.

She was Head of Department of Anaesthesiology at the Department for Orthopaedic surgery, University hospital Center Zagreb from 1978.-1997. Now, she is Head of Anaesthesia and the Multidisciplinary Pain Management Departments in the University Private Polyclinic Bagatin for general, plastic and maxillofacial surgery Zagreb, Croatia.

From 2003 she founded and she is the president of Croatian Society of Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia (CSRAA). She was a chairman of the scientific committee of six Croatian Congresses of Regional anaesthesia & Pain Therapy with ESRA/International participation in Dubrovnik and Zagreb, and member of editorial board for articles published in Journal Period Biol (2007-2015).

She is leading continuous medical education programme and postgraduate courses of regional anesthesia and pain therapy on School of medicine University of Zagreb and University of Osijek from 2000-currently.
She was leader of research project by Ministry of Science in Croatia, 2008-2013 “Immunological response on surgical stress in regional and general anaesthesia N:108-00000-3433“ and disposes of over 200 scientific publications and book chapters, 32 published in journals indexed in CC, 45 in SCI-Expanded, cited >130; total IF>69.80; 6 textbooks and manuals, 81 instructional text for Postgraduate Education, School of Medicine University of Zagreb and University of Osijek.

Graduate thesis major advisor six doctoral dissertations, five master theses, eight graduate theses, seven undergraduate thesis on the study of nursing. A member of the committee for evaluation of a number of dissertations and election to scientific and educational titles. She held more than 100 invited lectures at Congresses and Meetings in Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Kosovo.

Her primary clinical interest focuses on anesthesia for scoliosis and spinal surgery. In 1988 she finalized her PhD thesis; “Analysis of cardiorespiratory function after surgical correction of scoliosis deformity”. Thus, since 1995 she had practiced as a professor in anaesthesia at the University in Zagreb and University of Osijek. Most of her current research focuses on regional anesthesia and pain medicine.

She was elected member of Croatia in Council of European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) 1997-2001 and organized F.E.E.A in Croatia (CEEA).
Member of ESRA from 2003- currently and every year active participate on Annual ESRA Congresses.
Presently serves as ESRA council – Croatia – non-voting representative and member abstract committee and Co-opted member of the Ambassador committee.

She is married to Šimun, orthopaedic surgeon and has a doughter Livija, MD, resident of Anaesthesia.