About society

Welcome to the Croatian Society in Regional Anaesthesia & Analgesia – Croatian Medical Association (CSRAA-CroMA)

The Croatian Society in Regional Anaesthesia & Analgesia was founded in 2003 with the goal of establishing standards in Regional anaesthesia and analgesia promoted a departmental culture of quality patient care and safety in Croatia.

Regional techniques are integral components of anaesthesia and are frequently administered to the high-risk patients, ranging from newborns to the frail elderly. Regional anaesthesia and perioperative analgesia includes knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pharmacology related to minimally invasive regional techniques to relieve pain, as well as skills in block performance.

The concept of CSRAA or CME approved postgraduated courses I.class and workshops, take into account the knowledge level of reasonably experienced clinicians trainee and specialists in field of regional anaesthesia as Central Nerve Blocks, Peripheral Nerve Blocks, Obstetric, Pediatric Postoperative Pain Management and Chronic Pain Management.

CSRAA provides essential knowledge for anyone who uses, or intends to use, interventional pain techniques on two courses every year and International Symposium over two years.


The president of CSRAA
Prof.dr.sc. Katarina Šakić